Mentors will lead their own group of Mentees in
their specific area of preference:

Our Programs will include Hawaiian Arts, Art Therapy, Individual & Group Therapy, Life Skills & Abuse Prevention & Diversity Training. If you would like to be the guest speaker and/or lead any of these programs, please look over the options that
best suit you!

  • Counselors
  • Youth Trained Specialists Psychologists
  • Therapist
  • Social Work or Holistic Health Experts needed for group & one on one sessions with our mentees, as traumas may arise during group sessions.
  • Creative Writing (Poetry, Short Stories)
  • Photography
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Visual Arts (Mixed Media, Drawing, Painting.)

Purpose: Using your specific gifts to help develop existing talents of the Mentees or teach them something for the first time. You do not have to be professionally trained, but must have experience with your art medium, as well as a passion for it. If you have experience in something else not listed please let us know.

Mentors will guide their group of mentees into a lesson plan that will be provided by the day by each guest speaker. If trauma arises, one on one guidance may be needed. A special bond is created within your group and we find it quite important for our youth to find stability within their mentors. If you cannot make it each week, with the exception of one or two days, we ask that you take a lighter role as a support mentor

Support mentors will learn the daily lesson plan, along with the students and offer support to the group mentor. But the primary focus of the Support Mentor is to interact with the mentees. Your role as a Support Mentor is vital because, during our program, issues may come up that the Mentees need to process. The Support Mentor lends an ear while the Mentor can continue leading.

Positions Available:

  • Grant Writers
  • Fundraising Specialists, Program Coordinator
  • Event planners
  • Production Assistant
  • Research & Development
  • Photographer/Videographer

Please let us know if there is anything you’d like to assist with that is not listed. Any and all help is appreciated and welcomed!

Other Ways To Get Involved

Can’t mentor/volunteer? You can also sponsor a mentee or donate materials by visiting our donation page

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions? Contact us
and we’d love to connect and hear from you!

*Please note that it is our highest priority to keep our youth safe and background checks will be required for all mentors & volunteers. Mahalo for your understanding!

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