We are on the road

To building a fully staffed community center, A large group home for foster youth and housing for youth aging out of foster care on Big Island! Until we reach our goals, we could use your help!

 We are in need of sponsorship for our keiki and ‘ōpio!

Sponsor 1 mentee for a day $13

​Sponsor 1 mentee for all 12 weeks $156

Sponsor a meal for all 50 mentees for one day $650

​Sponsor all 50 mentees for 12 weeks $7,800


There are a lot of keiki and ‘ōpio throughout the island who have shown interest in our program, however, have no form of transportation to attend. In addition, our semesters are packed with field trips all over the island. We visit farms, beaches, lectures, museums, art galleries, workshops, parks, trails, nature preserves, and various other excursions that require us to be able to transport our students. Up until now, our volunteer mentors have been graciously donating their time to pick up students and take them to our program destinations. Unfortunately, we are not always able to accommodate everyone and have found difficulties arranging carpooling for our field trips. Our hope in acquiring this van is to simplify our transportation and be able to offer our students transportation year-round so that no one has to miss out. We are currently reaching out to our island community in the hopes that our mission speaks to you. We believe that with the generous contributions of donors, we will be able to reach our goal in no time. If you would like to support Humanity Hale’s goal or know of anyone with a van for purchase, please contact us and/or consider donating to our cause.

Transportation for our program is invaluable and would help our ability to create the long-lasting memories our kids deserve. This is why we now need your help in reaching our $15,000 goal….Together we can make a difference.

If you were anyone you know would be interested in sponsoring a mentee (or a few,) or would like to generously donate to keep our program up and running, any and all donations are appreciated! We would also love any connections with grocery stores or restaurants that would be willing to donate any meals or supplies.

100% of all donations and proceeds go directly to the youth of HUMANITY HALE

We accept check, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp & Donorbox on the form below. Donations will be directed into the 501(c)(3) account and a tax credit will be given for those who would like our tax exempt number.

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you wish to receive a tax credit.

Checks Payable to Humanity Hale
(Please see contact page for mailing address, or to schedule a direct pick up)

​Goods, services and auction items are also accepted. Mahalo nui loa!

Please see secure payment form through Donorbox for quick donations or donate at:

Venmo: Humanityhale

CashApp: Humanityhale

For PayPal inquiries or address information for check donation, please contact us here


We are seeking grants and donations to help us reach our annual budget of $240,000. This includes programmatic services and operational expenses to strengthen our organizational infrastructure including staff compensation, youth mentor stipends, youth transportation, insurance and program materials.

In support of continuing our work with Hawai’i island youth, we seek to develop long term relationships with community partners, grant-makers, corporate sponsors, individual donors and volunteers.

If you know someone who might be interested in learning more and supporting our organization in any way, please contact us!

Join us in the pursuit of healing & bright futures in our Big Island community! Mahalo for your contribution!!

Imagine the potential

when a community comes together with a shared commitment

Become a Hero with just $10 a month and help us change the lives of abused and neglected children in Hawai’i. We’re tired of a system that fails to protect our kids. We’re asking for your support to secure a retreat center in South Kona as our safe haven for up to 40 kids on its five-acre property. Together, we can break the cycle of trauma, abuse, and addiction. Join us in making a difference.

Join Our Hero Initiative!

Why We Share These Stories?

We share these stories in the hope that our community will recognize the urgent need for immediate action to safeguard our future generations. Behind the scenic façade of Hawai’i Nei, countless suppressed and voiceless children cry out for help. We stand in solidarity with them; we are their voice.

Collective Impact

Humanity Hale has borne witness to numerous accounts of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse suffered by Big Island youth in foster homes. One shocking case involved severe abuse inflicted on helpless children, prompting us to act. We’re done with systems that fail to protect our children. We’ve had enough of being told they are the last priority. We’re stepping up, and we invite you—our local and global communities—to join us.

Be a Hero

Your $10 monthly commitment can help us secure a functional retreat center in South Kona as a group home and community center. This remarkable facility can provide shelter for up to 40 kids on its five-acre property, ensuring no child remains trapped in abusive homes due to housing shortages.

The Heart of the Issue

The Big Island carries one-third of Hawaii’s foster children, with a staggering 75% reported as malnourished. It’s time to create a home where these children are valued for the beautiful lives they are, not as a source of profit. Will you be their Hero?

Join the Movement

Pledge a $10 monthly donation and become a Hero for change. Help us break the cycle of trauma, abuse, and addiction right here on the Big Island. Be the change you want to see in the world!Your Content Goes Here

How to Be a


Take the pledge today and be a part of something bigger – a community of heroes transforming lives, one child at a time. Foster Group Home: $10 Monthly Hero Initiative – because every child deserves a hero.